Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jennifer Love Hewitt + CHANEL

Taking full advantage of her time across the pond, Jennifer Love Hewitt was spotted out on a date with her boyfriend Jamie Kennedy in London last night (June 14).

The “Ghost Whisperer” costars/lovers looked to be enjoying each other’s company as they left the SoHo Hotel and hit up J Sheekly Oyster Bar in Covent Garden.

Jennifer carries a CHANEL pre-spring/summer 2009 tote bag. I have strong feelings about this bag. I usually either love or hate it when I see a bag. I think I strongly love it and strongly hate it at the same time for this bag. I love it because it is a tote and I love the tote. I love it because it is CHANEL and the size is just right. I hate it also because it is CHANEL. You can't buy a CHANEL bag without saying CHANEL or a CC logo on the bag. I appreciate CHANEL's leather and design, not the flashy logo. I actually haven't found any companies that can make any bags as soft as CHANEL does. (I also find something very interesting about CHANEL bags- they look better in real than photos.) I hate it because this pink turns me off. I also love and hate the leather- it is a lambskin that is sooooooo soft and won't scratch your skin or clothes, but easy to get scratched. so, what do you think?

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