Monday, August 31, 2009

Rachel Bilson + Tod's G Bag

Friday 2009.08.28

Sporting his fave trucker hat, Hayden Christensen follows fiancee Rachel Bilson as they head towards security at JFK airport in New York City on Friday evening (August 28).

The darling duo stayed at the Gansevoort Hotel, where they were spotted looking “very in love” by onlookers.

Rachel carries a Tod's G Bag (Fabric: $825.00 +, Leather: $1,350.00 +). There are many styles, color, with a great range of materials to choose from. I purchased it after seeing Julia Roberts carried one. Now I can't live without it. I carry it everyday. This is the best bag that I have ever found for everyday uses. I suggest to buy the leather one. You pay a bit more, but get much more. I find Tod's leather is much superior than its fabric.

Also, if you are interested in celebrities and handbags, Rachel Bilson is the one to watch. I have found that she has an unique taste in handbags.

Comments: Can't live without

Ratings: 5 Bags (Out of 5)

Hilary Duff + Jimmy Choo Mandah

Saturday 2009.08.29

Stepping out for a midday bite to eat, Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie were spotted visiting Hugo’s Restaurant in Toluca Lake on Saturday (August 29).

With both smiling as they walked along hand-in-hand past paparazzi, the “Lizzie McGuire” cutie and her hockey star beau were dressed casually in matching grey tops while out on their weekend lunch date.

Hilary carries a Jimmy Choo Mandah Printed Pony and Suede handbag ($3,150.00 Nordstrom). Jimmy Choo has been working hard on handbags and making great looking ones. I specially love the Mandah style. They are really good looking with affordable prices. However, this animal print doesn't catch my interest. I think I will spend money on the regular Mandah bag ($1,595.00). The price is much better and the bag will last longer.

Comments: Get the regular one

Desire to Get: 1 Bag (Out of 5) for the animal print, 3 Bags for the regular one.

Ciara + FENDI Maxi

Saturday 2009.08.29

Enjoying a night out on the town, Kim Kardashian teamed up with Ciara for a visit to Millions Of Milkshakes to make their very own custom creations on Saturday evening (August 29).

Not stopping there, the E! reality star and her singing gal pal then ran into a bit of trouble while heading off to the Katy Perry concert, with Kim tweeting, “Ciara & I got pulled over on our way 2 Katy Perry concert so we went 2 Crustacean 2 eat!”

Ciara carries a FENDI black new Maxi FF clutch. This is the new bag for FW 2009-10 ($990.00). FENDI is hot again! I have been looking for a large soft clutch that has a butter look leather outside with a big logo buckle. I think I have found one. Especially this bag comes with a removable strap. It can be used as a shoulder bag. I also love the price- $990.00 for a FENDI lambskin bag. It is a deal.

Comments: Arrived in time

Desire to Get: 5 Bags (Out of 5)

Reese Witherspoon + Bottega Veneta Nappa Hobo


Making the most of a beautiful summer day, Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal were spotted out for a romantic stroll yesterday (August 30).

The blissful couple looked to be very much in love as they made their way down Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California, trying to ignore the nearby paparazzi.

Reese carries a Bottega Veneta Nappa Hobo bag ($1,950.00 Bergdorfgoodman). This is one of the classic bags. It has the most beautiful leather woven by hand in Italy.

Every time I walked into the Bottega boutique I tried this bag for many years. It looks beautiful- every color, but I still haven't had it. I always spent money on other bags before considering this bag. I think every bag needs that special something for me to purchase, but I do not find that in this bag.

Comments: Something Missing

Desire to Get: 2 Bags (Out of 5)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Khloe Kardashian + GUCCI Babouska


Treating herself to a delicious midday meal, Kourtney Kardashian was spotted out in Beverly Hills, California yesterday (August 27).

Joined by younger sister Khloe, the preggers “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” babe looked to have grown a bit in the baby bump department.

Khloe carries a GUCCI Babouska Boston Bag in Red ($2,595.00 Discontinued). This bag is last year's model, but I think it will still look good for a while especially GUCCI has nothing interesting this fall/winter.

Comments: A bag with attitude

Desire to Get: 3 Bags (Our of 5)

Lily Allen + CHANEL 2.55


It seems as if Lily Allen can’t hide her love life any longer, revealing that she is dating builder Sam Cooper.

While chatting live with Chris Moyles on his Radio 1 breakfast show, Lily hinted a love connection between the two.

Lily Allen carries a CHANEL 2.55 bag. Coco Chanel introduced it in February 1955. That is why the bag is called 2.55. It has a permeant waiting list since its introduction. It still looks fabulous and high fashion 55 years later! It doesn't have a CC logo as buckle. People often confused it with the classic CHANEL bag which has a CC logo as buckle. This is a Must-Have bag.

Comments: A Must-Have

Desires to Get: 5 Bag (Out of 5)

Angelina Jolie + Valextra Large Babila


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie take their sons Maddox, 8, and Pax, 5, to the pet and garden shop Jardinerie du Centre Var in Brignoles, France on Thursday (August 20).

The Jolie-Pitt family drove a rental car without any security. Be sure to check out the mini-cactus that Maddox picked out!

Angelina carries a Valextra Large Babila Supersoft Travel Bag in Pergamina white ($2,650.00 Barneys New York). First you saw it with Katie Holmes, then Angie. Yes, they are pricey, but they also last. This bag is for somebody who appreciates a low-key good leather bag that last for a long time. Someone who wants people to notice she has a good taste. The structure is amazing! I have to say the total sale point is the structure. You do not expect leather that soft to support the bag this tall. There are many colors to choose from, but I think white is my favorite color.

Comments: Simply elegant

Desire to Get: 4 Bags (Out of 5)

Mischa Barton + Dior Granville


Explaining her situation, Mischa Barton has explained why she was placed under psychiatric hold in July – as she was going through a “tough spot” and she didn’t know how to handle it.

The former “O.C.” star says, “I went through a tough spot where everything compounded on me, and it was like a perfect storm, like everything was happening to me at once.”

We are just adding a Mischa's photo to the Dior Granville bag that we talked about yesterday. The one Balke Lively carried.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jane Krakowski + Marc Jacobs Stam


30 Rock stars Jane Krakowski and Tracy Morgan look like they're stirring up some trouble while filming in New York City on Wednesday. The quirky comedy – up for 22 Emmy Awards Sept. 20 – returns to NBC on Oct. 15.

Jane carries a Marc Jacobs Stam bag ($1,350.00 Barney's New York). This is one of my favorite bags. The design is classy and timeless. I specially love it in black. The price is pretty good too- worth every penny.

Comments: Must Have Classic

Desire to Get: 5 Bags (Out of 5)

Blake Lively + Dior Granville


Birthday girl Blake Lively is all smiles as she heads to a few meetings about her upcoming project, The Town, on Tuesday morning (August 25) in Boston, Mass.

Just yesterday, Blake was back in NY filming Gossip Girl but was in Boston again over the weekend. Looks like Blake will be shuttling back and forth between these two cities for awhile!

Blake carries a Dior Granville Handstitched Tote ($2,350.00 Bergdorfgoodman). This bag gets a lot of attentions lately. The sale point of this bag is that it can be used as a handbag or shoulder bag by putting on the removable strap which makes the handles hanging outside the bag. You can see how hard Dior tries to youth its handbags. I like the simple elegant look as a handbag and also the retails as a should bag. It is actually a clever design which works both ways. However, I am not sure how comfortable to wear as a shoulder bag when the inside big handle your body start to scratch your body. Look at the way Blake tries to pull the inside handle up. That looks uncomfortable.

Comments: Chic and playful

Desires to Get: 3 Bags (Out of 5)

Kate Walsh + Jimmy Choo Kase


Kate Walsh attends the Oceana SeaChange Summer Party held on Saturday (August 22) in Laguna Beach, Calif.

Oceana raised nearly $900,000 for the ocean protection group and honored celebrities like Glenn Close and Morgan Freeman. Other attendees included Oceana board member Ted Danson, last year’s honorees Harrison Ford and John Picard; Lauren Hutton, Anne Heche and Jeff Goldblum.

Kate carries a Jimmy Choo Kase clutch. I had never been a clutch fan. I thought they were too expensive and not very practical. Recently I saw this Pucci Bean-Shaped hard clutch (Below), ($1,385.00 Net-A-Porter) which I absolutely adored. I realized that clutch bags do not have to have a dark color, exotic leather, or formal design. It can be colorful, fun, light, and playful. I ended up collecting the modern looking clutches as art pieces.

BTW, the Jimmy Choo Kase clutch is on sale for half price.

Comments: A Clutch with edges

Desire to Get: 5 Bags (Out of 5)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Freida Pinto + CHANEL Coco Cocoon


Continuing work on her latest project, Freida Pinto was spotted on the set of the yet-untitled Woody Allen film in London, England today (August 24).

The “Slumdog Millionaire” actress worked together with costar Josh Brolin as she filmed scenes on location in the Notting Hill District.

She carries a CHANEL Coco Cocoon bag in red. This new CHANEL collection will not be released until October 2009 which CHANEL teams up with Lily Allen to be the model. I have yet seen the collections but can tell how light and soft these bags look by the photos. I love the understated CHANEL CC logo which is different from the summer collection. Specially I love the handles that look so comfortable on your shoulders. Don't you envy that a celebrity has got to carry a bag that has not been released yet?

Comments: Can't Wait

Desire to get: 5 Bags (Out of 5)

Stephanie Pratt + Miu Miu Studed Leather Satchel


Stephanie Pratt has admitted that she has suffered from bulimia during The Hills and it looks like the TV-star has lost a little weight recently? Stephanie has very skinny legs now and though she's always been slim it seems like she's cut a few inches off? We just hope she's eating healthily!

She carries a Miu Miu Studded Leather Satchel in black ($1,795.00 Bergdorfgoodman). I really love this bag especially the gold and silver stud combination is the hottest look this summer. I just called Bergdorf this morning and was told this bag is totally sold out. In fact, it has a long waiting list. I am glad to hear that. A nice looking bag deserves to get a good attention. Consumers are not stupid. They know what a good deal means.

Comments: Gold and silver stud combination is hot!

Desire to get: 4 Bags (Out of 5)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blake Lively + Donna Karan Eldridge-Convertible

Blake Lively flaunts her perfect pins as she hails a cab on Monday (August 18) in New York City.

The 21-year-old actress wore Christian Louboutin “Lillian” Mary Janes and the Donna Karan Eldridge- Convertible bag ($1,495.00 Bergdorfgoodman) as she headed home after leaving the Gossip Girl set.

This is the bag I'd like to get even though I have never been a sucker for multi-purpose bags. This bag can be converted from a tote to a bag and a shoulder bag to a messenger bag. This bag actually looks better in real. The best thing about this bag is timeless. It will still look great ten years from now. I also love a bag that looks unique but not showy which people can tell it is a good quality with great design and materials.

Comments: Timelessly delight

Desire to get: 4 bags (Out of 5)

Jennifer Garner + Marc by Marc Jacobs

Back to work after a nice weekend, Jennifer Garner was on the Los Angeles set of “Valentine’s Day” earlier today (August 23).

Jennifer carries a Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Tate Tote ($198.00 Barneys New York). Why do you have to pay $198.00 for it since you can get a similar bag in Chinatown for $5.00? I don't know where the bag is pretty about?

Comments: Overcharged Chinese food

Desire to get: 1 bags (Out of 5)

Lady Gaga + YSL Easy Stud

She’s always on the move, and earlier today (August 24) Lady GaGa was spotted leaving the Mayfair Hotel in London, England.

On her way to catch a flight at Heathrow Airport, the “Just Dance” diva displayed her usual unique sense of style with a black pvc outfit teamed with a headscarf and sunglasses as she pushed past the paparazzi.

She carries a limited YSL Easy Stud handbag ($2,395.00 YSL). I adored this bag when I first saw it in Adrienne Bailon's arm on July 17. Click Here for the link. I love the workmanship of this bag. But now I have a second thought. I never liked the YSL Easy Handbags to start with: I do not like small duffle bags. Duffle bags need to be big because they are designed for traveling. The small duffle bags are too casual for work and too small for travel. The only place I can use is for the GYM, but I do not need bling for the GYM. It is a nice bag to look at, but not a useful bag to own.

Sienna Miller + PRADA Saffiano + Tessuto Tote

Stepping out for a bite to eat with her soon-to-be co-star, Sienna Miller was spotted out in New York City with Jonny Lee Miller on Monday (August 24) .

The “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” hottie looked to be having a great time with her Broadway beau, grabbing some grub at Caffe Gitane in SoHo.

Sienna carries a PRADA Saffiano + Tessuto Tote ($1,450.00 neimanmarcus) from PRADA's fall Runway Collection. I don't want to sound unkind as a huge PRADA fan, but again PRADA is disappointing. As a consumer under this economy, I do not want to spend my money on handbags that shows season/years. The extremely huge buckle on the front of the bag shows its year. That will embarrass me to carry it next year.

Also, PRADA is not the only disappointment in this photo. There are only a few celebrities who have great styles. Sienna is one of them. However, this is the second time that I find disappointment the way she chooses her handbag. I did not like the YSL bag she carried last time.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Khloe Kardashian + CHANEL

They’re no strangers to media relations, and earlier today (August 13) Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian were spotted arriving for a taping of the Wendy Williams show.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” hotties looked lovely as they made their way to the New York City studio, stopping to pose for pics and sign autographs along the way.

Khloe carries a CHANEL bag.

Name the Bag: Megan Fox

Looking ever the stunner, a glammed-up Megan Fox arrived at a hotel in Santa Monica for a meeting on Thursday (August 13).

The “Transformers” hottie sported a tight white dress, red lipstick and a towering pair of heels as she strolled past awaiting paparazzi.

Can you name Megan's bag?

Ashley Tisdale + Louis Vuitton

Looking a bit worn down, Ashley Tisdale was spotted making her way out of her mother’s house in Los Angeles on Thursday morning (August 13).

The Disney darling strolled past awaiting paparazzi with a handful of bags, loading up her ride before driving off to take care of the day’s duties.

Ashley carries a Louis Vuitton Murakami Monogram Multicolore Keepall in black. This bag is discontinued, but still can be made as a special order. It reminds me those days we were fighting for the Multicolore bags. It seems so yesterday even through Louis Vuitton is still making some Multicolore bags. Now I am over with Multicolore bags.