Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Emmy Rossum + Ralph Lauren Crocodile Ricky Bag


Emmy Rossum is spotted shopping at Dior and Juicy Couture in Beverly Hills on Tuesday (September 29).

The 23-year-old actress’ secret husband Justin Siegel filed for divorce after just a year and a half, citing irreconcilable differences.

Emmy carries a Ralph Lauren "Ricky" bag in crocodile ($16,995.00 I posted an article on September 22 about this bag that Janet Jackson carried. I said I liked this bag very much. I also said the only concern that I had was the bag looked too much like an HERMES Birkin Bag.

When I saw these photos that Emmy carried the bag, I do not feel the same way. I think the bag is as beautiful as I first saw and does not look like a Birkin bag. It just looks like a classic bag for me. What do you think?

Click the link below to see the previous article.

Lindsay Lohan + LANVIN Large Rosa Quilted Grommet Sac


They’re no strangers to globe-hopping and yesterday afternoon (September 28) Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan were spotted landing in Paris, France.

The famous sisters looked a bit jet-lagged as they made their way through the terminal at Charles de Gaulle International Airport, amidst a sea of fans and paparazzi.

Lindsay carried a LANVIN Large Rosa Quilted Grommet Sac ($1,878 Barneys New York). This bag is totally against what I believe in handbags- Satin, too seasonal with unnecessary decorations, but I am in love with the bag. I love Alber Elbaz's Lanvin. There is something about it. That "Magic"- the power that will force you take out your credit card before your brain telling you not to. Once a while I allow myself buy things without looking at the bill. This is the time.

Comments: When money is no longer important

Ratings: 4 (Out of 5)

2009.09.28 Sienna Miller New York, U. S. A.

2009.09.28 Penelope Cruz London, England

2009.09.29 Miranda Kerr Paris, France

Sienna Miller, Penelope Cruz, and Mianda Kerr carry PRADA Saffiano + Tessuto Tote in red from PRADA's fall 2009 runway collection, ($1,450.00 Neiman Marcus). I did not like to bag at first sight because I don't like the buckle and thought the Nylon sides are kind of cheating. The bag has gained so much attention in Hollywood since. I started to change my attitude toward the bag a bit. I realize the nylon sides actually help reducing the price of the bag. The bag is priced reasonable because of that. I think that is about PRADA- combining material well.

I don't think I am in love with the bag, but I am working on that.

Comments: It takes time to know someone

Ratings: 3 Bags(Out of 5)

Rumer Willis + YSL Easy Zip Tote


Making the most of her time down under, Rumer Willis was spotted grabbing a bit to eat in Sydney, Australia earlier today (September 29).

Joined by her boyfriend Micah Alberti, the “House Bunny” babe looked cute and casual in a black jacket over a striped top with dark wash jeans and sneakers.

Rumer carries a Yves Saint Laurent Easy Zip Tote ($895.00- small, $1,295.00- Medium I use this bag as a GYM bag. I really like it because it is very roomy and flexible. The textured leather is scratch-free, so you don't feel heartbroken when you throw it on the floor. The medium size is perfect for everything I need for exercise. It also has double zippers with a large opening and other colors and sizes to choose from. The long handles allow you to carry it on your shoulders.

Comments: Multi-purpose extra bag

Ratings: 4 (Out of 5)

January Jones + Jimmy Choo Blythe Medium


Mad Men actress January Jones is lookin’ classy in a nude ensemble as she leaves the Channel 7 ABC News offices on Tuesday (September 29) in Washington, D.C.

The 31-year-old blonde beauty is in town to urge Congress to pass the Shark Conservation Act, which hopes to protect sharks from the cruel practice of shark finning (cutting off sharks’ fins and throwing the sharks back in the water, often while still alive).

January carries a Jimmy Choo Blythe Medium ($1665.00 Jimmy Choo). On September 18, I posted a review for the Jimmy Choo Blythe bag that Jessca Biel carried. I said a lot of good things about it. That was a large size. Now I saw the Medium size, I do not like it. Putting the same amount of the gold hardware on a much small space looks very crowded. I think the medium size loses its balance and charm.

Please visit the link below to see the large size. You will see what I mean:

Comments: The Medium size loses its charm

Ratings: 2 (Out of 5)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Whitney Port + CHANEL Extra Large classic


Gearing up for a fun-filled weekend, Whitney Port was spotted making her way around the East Village of New York City on Friday (September 25).

The MTV beauty strolled about the Big Apple streets, fresh off of a morning visit to PIX 11 studios and a change of clothes.

Whitney carries a CHANEL Extra Large classic bag. This version only comes out in very limited quantities every two years. Please visit the link below to see our review.

Rihanna + Balenciaga Brilliant Pouchette Bague


Ready for a full day of celebrations, Rihanna was spotted out in Venice, Italy over the weekend for the wedding of her longtime manager Marc Jordan.

Looking absolutely stunning, the Barbadian beauty mingled with fellow guests as Jordan exchanged vows with his fiance Katharina Harf in a lovely ceremony.

Rihanna carries a Balenciaga Brilliant Pouchette Bague - Black ($2,675.00 Barneys New York). I have been able to find a lot of photos about Rihanna. She changes bags and carries new bags all the time. For her, attitude come first. I have said that carrying handbags are all about "attitude".

It is always nice to see a modern evening bag. I love the lizard leather and the studded hardware combination. It gives an older-looking skin a modern look. It is wonderful. However, a half full glass is also half empty. The curves of the bag look too modern. It might not look good next year. That means it costs a lot of money every time I carry it.

Comments: Half empty or half full?

Ratings: 2 Bags (Out of 5)

Catherine Zeta Jones + HERMES Crocodile Kelly


In celebratory mode, Michael Douglas and wife Catherine Zeta Jones were in high spirits as the were spotted leaving their New York City apartment on Friday evening (September 25).

The happy pair were on their way to dinner to celebrate their shared birthday, as Douglas is 65 while Zeta-Jones turns 40 on this particular day.

Catherine carries an Hermes Kelly Bag in red crocodile. Please visit the link below to see our review for HERMES Kelly bags:

Renee Zellweger + Tod's Pashmy Luna Hobo


Keeping an eye on her sexy physique, Renee Zellweger was spotted finishing up her workout in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon (September 27).

The “Down with Love” actress headed over to a newsstand to pick up a newspaper, sporting a grey half-button henley top with black shorts and sneakers.

Renee wears a Tod's Pashmy Luna Hobo ($875.00 I have been seeing Renee carrying this bag for a while, it still looks good now. I think my money will be worth spending. The black color is easy to wear. The nylon body gives the bag an extremely light-weight. The leather strap and details make the bag a bit sharp.

Comments: Money is worth spending

Ratings: 4 Bags (Out of 5)

Monday, September 28, 2009

First Look: Heidi Montag + HERMES SO KELLY


Out enjoying the sunny weekend weather, Heidi Montag was spotted out getting a java boost at Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf in Los Angeles in Saturday (September 26).

The MTV reality beauty was joined by a gal pal for the day’s outing, of which Heidi happily tweeted, “heading to the beach!! i love Laguna!”

Heidi carries an HERMES "SO KELLY" bag in blue jean leather (hermes stores). "So Kelly" bag is the new 2009 bag that HERMES makes. I have been looking forward to seeing this bag! Now I saw the bag I am on a board-line. I understand that HERMES is trying to make a day bag that is more casual and easier to carry. Since people are getting even more casual, the Brikins now are considered "formal". I love the minimum design and still look very HERMES. I also love Blue Jean. However beside for the look, the buckles are unnecessary because when the bag is full, you can't locate your arm. I also don't know how it is going to look like two years from now since the look is already suspicious. I am afraid people want this bag can't afford it and people can afford it won't want such a casual bag.

Comments: Time will tell

Ratings: 3 Bags (Out of 5)

Maria Sharapova + Cole Haan Maria Frame Clutch


Continuing to find work away from the tennis court, Maria Sharapova attended a press conference at the Peninsula in Tokyo on Friday (September 25).

The blonde beauty happened to be boosting interest in her collection “Maria Sharapova by Cole Haan” as a part of the company’s 2009 Fall Women’s collection.

Maris carries a Cole Haan Maria Frame Convertible Clutch ($278.00 which is Cole Hann's new line designed by Maria. This is a reasonably priced clutch under a fairly good name. I am sure the bag will be successful. It is perfect for a lady who need a clutch on a budget. I also love the size which can be used as a day bag. I have been seeing celebrities carrying clutches during day time and look amazing. Since I am not a fan of cross-body bag, the large clutch might make me a new look.

Be honest, this bag doesn't have that "excitement" or "Sparkle" for me. It is a safe bag without that "something special", so I think I will skip this bag. Also, the snake look is embossed which is not a real snake. I don't expect a real snake skin bag for $278.00, but I don't like the "look-alike" tone. I think all skins are beautiful and have different texture. They don't need to be pretended to be "Exotic" or embossed to be other skins. If you don't like the snake look either, the bag comes with gold in natural grain leather- same price.

Comments: Safe with a good price tag

Ratings: 2 Bags (Out of 5)

Jayde Nicole + Louis Vuitton Monogram Galliera


Stepping out for a romantic night on the town, Brody Jenner and Jayde Nicole paid a visit to Nobu restaurant for dinner in Malibu on Saturday (September 26).

The “Hills” hunk and his Playboy beauty strolled hand-in-hand in casual attire after finishing up their meals, getting ready to attend the wedding of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom the following day.

Jayde carries a Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Galliera ($1,280.00 PM, $1,480.00 GM). I sometimes encountered ladies who are in their late 20's and start to save money for handbags. They asked me what handbags should they get as they start to purchase brand name handbags. Mostly I recommend to start with Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas series- like Neverfull or Speedy. However, if you don't want to carry the bags everybody is carrying, then you get the Galliera bag.

Priced higher than the Speedy or Neverfull bags, you will get what your money worth. This bag has the Monogram identity, but not easy to see the same bag all the time. Even though I love the Neverfull bags, I can see at least 25 of them every time I go out. I love the single handle design which is very comfortable on shoulders. The adjustable strap is also very helpful between summer and winter. The side strap buckles prevent the bag from opening too wide that will give you a bit more security. I love the GM size which I think it looks find in guys who should share some responsibilities of carrying heavy stuff when outings.

Comments: A nice bag to start your brand new life

Ratings: 4 Bags (Out of 5)

Christina Aguilera + Alexander Wang Max Fanny Pack


Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman do a little partying at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood on Saturday (September 26).

The 28-year-old singer will soon appear in World Hunger Relief restaurant posters with the quote, “Together, we have the power to save lives and go from hunger to hope” and online efforts, including the web site Consumers can also go to any KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s or A&W All-American Food restaurant to donate (no purchase necessary).

Christian wears an Alexander Wang Max Fanny Pack ($790.00 Barneys New York). Lindsay wore it, so did Fergie. Christian has the same pack in two different colors- black and black denim. Should we have it, too? Not necessary. Why not, Alexander Wang is the hottest designer name in Hollywood and this bag is convenient? Well, I don't know who invented the "Washed Leather" which looks like elephant skin. There is nothing beautiful about it. Plus, the messenger bags are not my tea. I do not like to wear bags across my chest. The only messenger bags that I can accept is if they are a bit structured. This bag is way beyond too casual.

Comments: Way beyond too casual

Ratings: 1 Bag (Out of 5)

Kate Middleton + TOD'S G Bag


Readying for what was a big evening on the agenda, Kate Middleton was spotted out at celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward’s Chelsea studio in London on Saturday (September 26).

Getting her coif worked on, the girlfriend of Prince William looked stylish as she prepped for the Art for Starlight Charity function being held later in the evening.

Kate carries a TOD'S G bag. (Fabric: $825.00 +, Leather: $1,350.00 +). It looks like the tan leather is the most popular style. There is no doubt this is the most spotted bag in celebrities' arms lately. Please visit the link below to see our review:

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eva Longoria + Gerard Darel Besace Pony Ranger


Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is in Paris at the moment with her husband Tony Parker and of course she headed straight for the boutiques to get some luxury shopping done! When it comes to Hollywood it really is luxury shopping in every way! A waiter from a nearby restaurant even brought in some freshly squeezed juice for Eva to enjoy while she had a look around the Gerard Darel store!

Eva carries a Gerard Darel Besace Pony Ranger Bag ($490 EUR= $715.00 USD, Not for sale in the U. S.). We have reviewed a similar Gerard Darel Bag that Halle Berry carried below.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kristen Dunst + Proenza Schouler PS1 Leather Pochette


Taking to the courthouse, Kirsten Dunst told all about her super handbag that a Manhattan mechanic is accused of taking from a suite at the SoHo Grand.

Wearing all black, the Spiderman actress smiled for the jurors and waved to the judge as she told the story of how she and co-star Simon Pegg found the thief.

Kristen carries a Proenza Schouler PS1 Leather Pochette in midnight blue ($895.00 Barneys New York). I am glad that I saw this bag today. It gives me an opportunity to blog about it. Proenza Schouler was founded in 2002 as a high-end apparel brand. They started to make handbags and shoes these couple years and has gained many celebrity fans. I am not crazy about most bags they make, but I like this one. I appreciate the way it is a great quality bag and so easy to be ignored. The metal foldover closure helps so you don't have to open the straps all the time. The color is very unique and goes beautifully with black dress or jeans.

Comments: A quality Pochette

Ratings: 4 Bags (Out of 5)

Anna Kournikova + Hermes Shoulder Birkin


Making the most of their French getaway, Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesiaswere spotted out and about in Paris earlier today (September 24).

The “Hero” crooner and his super-hot tennis gal looked to be enjoying themselves as they did some sightseeing and stopped into a few shops.

Anna carries an Hermes Shoulder Birkin. Please visit the link below to see our review:

Lily Allen + CHANEL Cocoon


Sounding as if she’s ready for a career change, Lily Allen says that she will no longer be making music.

The British singer wrote on her new blog, labeled” It’s Not Alright,” that she will not be continuing writing, singing or going on tour again.

Lily Allen carries a CHANEL Coco Cocoon bag that she is the face for the line ($1,100 PM Nylon, $1,895.00 PM Leather, Available Oct. 03 CHANEL). Even though the bags are not available, we were invited to view the collection. This is a true reward after working so hard as a blogger. I have to admit that I am quite disappointed after seeing the real thing that I have looked forward to seeing the real thing for a while. I am still shocked after learning the price: small nylon one for $1,100 USD. Also, the bag is actually puffier than the photo which is a large concern for someone who is getting puffier. Beside the really light-weight, I really don't have anything positive to say about it.

Comments: A huge storm with a few drops

Ratings: 2 Bags (Out of 5)

Halle Berry + Gerard Darel Sac Pom's Bag Salvador


Halle Berry picks up a few items from the Church store in West Hollywood and then heads to her friend’s house in the Hollywood Hills on Thursday afternoon (September 24).

Last week, the 43-year-old actress talked about the first time she saw her boyfriend Gabriel Aubry on The Jay Leno Show.

Halle carries a Gerard Darel Sac Pom's bag Salvador (520 EUR= $759.00 USD. Not available in the U. S.). Gerard Darel is a French fashion designer who gets a lot of attention in Hollywood lately. However, the line doesn't sell in the U. S. Hollywood stars love things that are not available in the U. S.

This bag reminds me of Louis Vuitton Kalahari bag (below), but less than 1/3 of the price. I don't usually carry bags this style, but I do really like the look of the bag. If I'd want to get a bag this style, I think I will choose the Darel one. Even though I love the LV one, I need to look after my saving account. The price of the Darel bag is very reasonable. It is also 100% leather. The look of the strap is the key point to be in love with it.

Comments: Can't beat the price (Only if you can get it)

Ratings: 4 Bags (Out of 5)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lauren Conrad + CHANEL Classic


Enjoying a freer schedule since departing “The Hills,” Lauren Conrad has been building on her relationship with boyfriend Kyle Howard away from the constant camera coverage.

Rarely spotted together, the MTV beauty was caught by paparazzi earlier this week as she took her dog Chloe to a lunch meetup with her beau in Los Angeles.

Lauren carries a CHANEL classic bag in black. Last time she carried the same bag in a different color. I really love this bag in black, but I think I will choose one size smaller than hers. Please see our review of this bag below:

Victoria Beckham + HERMES Kelly


Getting ready to jet out of town, Victoria Beckham was spotted leaving the Claridges Hotel in Mayfair, London today (September 23).

The former Spice Girl looked a bit bashful as she strolled out onto the street to catch a ride to Heathrow, sporting a white dress with a black printed design along with a navy cardigan and black heels.

Victoria carries a HERMES Kelly bag in black (HERMES). This is the first Kelly bag I see since I started this blog. It is so nice see ladies like Victoria Beckham and Dita Von Teese who insist to look like ladies. All I see on the streets are shoulder bags and totes. I haven't actually seen a "Purse" for a while even though I often fancy "Mad Men" Style is coming back soon. I can understand why Kelly bags are not as popular nowadays because they are not convenient to use. The bag actually requires a lot of work. Sorry Kelly bag fans! I love the look of the Kelly bags, but I don't see myself carrying it.

Comments: Buy only "Mad Men" Style is coming back

Ratings: 2 Bags (Out of 5)

Angelina Jolie + Dior Granville


Angelina Jolie takes three of her kids — Pax, 5, Zahara, 4, and Shiloh, 3, — to the Toys ‘R Us in Toulon, France on Wednesday (September 23).

Angelina sports a Dior Granville ($2,350.00 bergdorfgoodman). It looks like this is the hottest bag right now- the hottest celebrities- Mischa, Demi, Blake, Jessica Alba, and now Angie all carry it. I am glad because Dior bags were down for a while.

Please visit the bottom link to see the review: