Monday, November 2, 2009

Zac Efron + Louis Vuitton Kendall in Taiga Leather


Zac Efron, in a Kate Moss shirt, seems in a good mood as he makes his way into Vancouver International Airport on Sunday afternoon (November 1).

The 22-year-old actor, who just completed work on The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud, celebrated Halloween last night with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, and pals Lucas Grabeel, Ryan Phillippe and his girlfriend Abbie Cornish. Abbie also stars in the upcoming Sucker Punch with Vanessa.

Bag: Louis Vuitton Kendall in Taiga Leather

Price: Discontinued

Where to Buy: eBay,

Rating: 3 Bags (Out of 5)

Comment: This bag is discontinued. You might be able to find it on eBay.

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