Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jessica Biel + Louis Vuitton Intrigue

JESSICA BIEL picks up food to fuel a taut bod in Brentwood, Calif. in her slouchy trousers, striped cardigan and cozy blazer.

Bag: Louis Vuitton Intrigue
Price: $4,650.00
Where to Buy: Louis Vuitton Stores,
Who carries it: Leighton Meester, Alexa Chung,
Bagopedia's Rating: 2 Bags (Out of 5)
Bagopedia's Comment: Some readers wrote to Bagopedia and asked if we dislike Louis Vuitton. If fact, Bagopedia loves LV and has been a VIC at LV for many years. Bagopedia loves LV so much that it is hard for me to see this. The bag that was featured on the ad campaign is still quite disappointing. For $4.650.00, it better be worth it. This is a tired look uninspiring bag that costs a lot of money. Louis Vuitton has been trying to get into the higher-end luxury leather goos but ending up with disappointment. If you have touched leather from HERMES, CHANEL, or LOEWE, you will be very likely to agree what I say here. Louis Vuitton is good at making monogram canvas luggage and it should stay there.

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  1. I really like this bag, wish I could find a lookalike for less that $500.00