Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bottega Veneta Duo Intrecciato Leather Bag

Bottega Veneta Duo Intrecciato Leather Shoulder Bag: A Tote-lly handbag

Price: $2,480.00

Where to Buy: Net-A-Porter,

Bagopedia's Rating: 4 Bags (Out of 5)

Bagopedia's Comment: Bagopedia loves totes. However sometimes totes can be a pain too. Bagopedia always can't find my cellphone inside my totes. It seems to me as soon as you put something inside your tote, they sink on the bottom of the ocean. Especially the linings are dark or in a dark place, then you try to find your cellphone or coin purses.

This tote effortlessly divides into two compartments. One side can be used for money, keys, papers and the other side can be used for little things. The color is 2012 S/S color, but Bagopedia thinks it is so neutral that can easily be used in the winters too. The bag doubtlessly tells you it is a BV bag that you spend too money on your bags. However, the price isn't so shocking for a BV bag. The handles can be pulled longer (Just like CHANEL bags) or shorter to carry as a shoulder bag or messenger. It is designed as a handbags with compartments as well as a tote design- open top for easy access to your stuff. Antique look hardware and light color suede lining are good to have.

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