Wednesday, October 24, 2012

HERMES Ghillies Collection

HERMES Ghillies Collection: Detail-Oriented 

Where to Buy:
Who Carries It: Sofia Vergara,
Bagopedia's Rating: 5 Bags (Out of 5)
Bagopeida's Comment: Remember me? I am Bagopeida who hasn't updated this blog for months. Thanks for keeping coming back visiting. The reason that I haven't updated this blog is that I was busy opening an online store selling Birkin, Kelly bags and other luxury goods. The store was opened on September 05 and has been doing well. Now I can take a break writing articles again.

It is really exciting to see the HERMES Ghillies collection. This collection goes to both Kelly and Birkin. It comes with green, favue, ruby and two tones. 

I like this collection very much. I think it is better looking than the color-blocking collection or the club collection. 

I have the Kelly Ghillies in Fauve (Tanned Leather Color shown Below) in my online store. If you are interested, please visit my online store

I mainly sell Birkin bags. I also have a Birkin in this color 30 CM, a Birkin in Ruby 30 CM, and a Birkin in Ruby 35 CM. 

If you are looking for HERMES bags, please let me know. I only sell authentic bags.

Ref: #6442

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