Friday, November 30, 2012

Wheel Your Luggage?

 Alaia Animal-Print Calf Hair Travel bag, $6,785.00, Net-A-Porter
Givenchy Nightingale Trolley, $4,660.00

Wheel Your Luggage?

Bagopedia is afraid, I mean really afraid of seeing people rolling luggage in the airports. When Louis Vuitton started to make these wheel things, I was like: OK, at least they looked like Louis Vuitton luggage. Then I found more and more companies are making luggage on wheel. I am like, I am sorry. I can't stand it any more! Now Even Givenchy and Alaia is making them!

I know there is a huge market for this. Call me old fashion. I still think air travel is very elegant (Maybe I watch too many episodes of the TV show Pan Am). It freaks me out when I see people wearing shorts, torn sweats, tank tops, and flippers wheeling their luggage. I understand maybe in Miami International, but not JFK. There are many things to afraid of when you fly- the baby crying, the kicking, the latitude, and now the wheel.

Sometimes I have to give Kim Kardashian credits for wearing a fur coat and leather pants at the Miami International in September. At least she wears something for other people's pleasure.

Bagopedia had a discussion with my collies about this issue. They told me the wheel things are much more convenient and won't ruin your shoulders. Unless you have babies. You don't need so many things to fly. I get really annoyed that when I am boarded late, there was no room on cabin to locate my bag. Bagopedia's carry-on is always a 40 CM Birkin. All I need is a sleeping pill when I fly.

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