Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Name the Bag: Satsuki Mitchell

Daniel Craig and his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell get caught in the pouring rain as they leave their London home on Tuesday (July 7).

In related James Bond news, Daniel’s Quantum Of Solace costar Gemma Arterton is engaged to the British actor’s Italian stunt double, Stefano.

Can you name Satsuki's bag?


  1. Yes I can name the bag:

    it's Satsuki Mitchell, she's the old bag.

  2. since when is someone who is shagging a film star a celebrity? what a golddigger.

  3. She is not a celebrity - she is only sleeping with a celebrity. Daniel is the star and a hot one too.

  4. Witty and Sharp posts above (top three) !
    Thanks and you are absolutely correct. what a golddigger hanger-on groupie! It is interesting that many people, on other sites too, see the same thing.

    Aside from the person carrying it, that is a beautiful Coach leather bag.

  5. WoW! You guys have a lot to say about her. Who is she anyway?

  6. the reason why the comments on here are really hateful is because satsuki is NOT a celebrity nor should be treated like one!

    snotty b*tch

    i hope someone takes her down a peg or two one of these days..another woman..really tell her what this Miss High and Mighty Satsuki is all about then lets see what these websites feel about her then.

  7. Don't bother, these websites to which you refer think the sun shines out of her backside because she is with him therefore they have to like her.
    They feel it's their duty to Daniel.
    Give me a break, the man doesn't give two hoots about what the fans think and whether they like her or not.
    He also doesn't care how she treats his fans either.
    Asshole of an actor and a jumped up cow of a g/f.
    Or would that be his wife? Seems Daniel loves her so much he can't seem to want to say they are married.

    What a great relationship they must have as you know she is dying for it to get out.

    Losers both of them..

  8. Anonymous said...
    WoW! You guys have a lot to say about her. Who is she anyway?

    In answer to that, she is a nobody but a girl who slept her way to Regents Park from sharing a run down apartment in L.A with three other assistant/gophers.

  9. i know his adress

  10. Name the Bag: Satsuki Mitchell
    you already did name it!
    We ALL have her "number"! ( a great big ZERO!!!)

    Kudos to the posters above for their very funny, and oh so true, comments!

  11. Oh WOW - Just Jared found its way to this side - you should stick to JJ and not get on decent peoples nerves with your hate comments. She certainly has prooved herself to be well worth of his love, no matter how much you people hate that fact and no, she doesn´t care - she seems to be on the sunny side of life, whereas you guys are deep into your own mud. There is a God!

  12. Oh WOW! - DtD found it's sugary sick way to here!

    Sunny side of life? Her? She is as miserable in real life as she is in pictures. Take the sugar cubes out of your eyes and wake up.
    The woman hates you all so waste your time thinking she is God's gift. Yes I too will bring th Almighty into this!
    Evidently you dislike Daniel that much you want to see a jumped up whore with him.
    Nice fan club you are!

    Your paranoia strikes deep as you think all relevant comments made about her that goes against your way of thinking are from JJ!

    DtD spins in it's own little "orbit" doesn't it? And no, that ISN'T the sugar-free kind.

    You lot aren't fans, you are blind worshippers.

  13. boy, being a slut really gets you a-head..

  14. What´s goin´ on here?

    You don´t know her / I don´t know her.
    So just shut the fuck up!
    It´s Daniel´s decision! When he loves her
    everthing is fine, don´t you think so?
    Is your life so boring that to don´t have other things to do?

    Nice Bag by the way!

  15. You shut the fuck up! And don't you have better things to do than worship two people who dont give a FUCK about you?
    LOSERS! The whole lot of dtd.

    Go an build a monument to Satsuki or better still how about a fucking water feature that breaks and smells of slime like they did for Princess Diana?
    Diana should have got a lot better but suits Satsuki to a T that would!

    You all hate her as much as we do because you would change places with her in an instant and if you don't think there is jealousy underneath your feelings then you are all naive losers.

  16. Yeah nice bags...underneath her eyes!!

  17. Sorryy but I knew Satsuki and she is not as wholesome as some people think. She was determined to get an actor by "hook or by crook" by whatever means possible.
    Sorry but she is known as a golddigger in our profession, plain and simple.
    She does not have a respected reputation.
    Sorry if you don't like it.

  18. Ok, maybe she is "not so nice"
    but i don´t care - i don´t have to live with her.
    Daniel is old enough to make his own decisions.

    I don´t worship them as privat persons.
    I just like Daniels work.

    We have enough hate in the
    "real world" we don´t need it in here..

  19. Go fuck yourself and take your controlling psycho ways elsewhere or go back to DtD, D.

  20. Whats wrong with you?
    You wear a white jacket, dont you? ;-)

    Enjoy your life!

    ---> Back to fred - That Bag is cool!

  21. No but I'm sure DtD has plenty underneath the two altars you have erected.
    Do you offer your first newborns them too?

    If I wore a white jacket, I wouldnt be able to type, asshole. I bet Satsuki can though with her monkey feet.

  22. Yes, She is a nice bag! Oh sorry, the Coach bag is lovely, I meant the soggy-hag carrying the Coach bag.

    d2d lives in fantasy land anyway....home of a bunch of moron cinerellas!
    these sugar-coated d2d losers deep down hate the hag more than anyone, they are just butt kissers on the outside, but are seething with jealousy on the inside.

  23. to above:

    state something we don't know, lol

  24. to July 10, 2009 5:20pm..
    I can' aleady know!

  25. Nice ugly bag Daniel has. Is he blind?