Friday, September 23, 2011

Bottega Veneta Urban Lace Two-In-One Leather Bag: Choose either technologies or functionality

Price: $4,100.00

Where to Buy: Net-A-Porter,

Bagopedia's Rating: 1 Bag (Out of 5)

Bagopedia's Comment: Bottega Veneta has been focusing on its technologies and forgetting about a bag needs to be beautiful as well. For example, this bag, cutting leather as fine as possible to make the leather look and feel like lace. However, it is really ugly. The two-in-one function (the bag on the left can be reduced to the one on the right) makes it worse. Bagopedia has no clue how a designer thinks two separated bags can be attached to each other and still look good.

You can focus on either the cutting technologies or the functionality, but not both.

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