Thursday, September 29, 2011

Decision Time: Tod's Vs. YSL

Left: TODS Ava 2 Manico East to West Media Bag, $1,995.00

Right: YSL Muse 2 Cabas, $2,295.00

Where to Buy: Saks Fifth Avenue,

It is fall time and Bagopedia is looking for a dark green tote. Dark green is the "IT" color of this fall/winter. I narrowed down to these two totes- both dark green in different tones, both have good names, good leathers, and simple designs. Both will last for a long time and have good values.

They are the current colors so I am willing to pay the retail pice. If I waited until sales, I will lost a great season carrying it. The YSL one is $300 more than the Tod's one. I am sure either one is a good choice, but it is hard to decide.

Does some reader have a good thought about it?

The photo below shows Jessica Alba carries the Tod's tote in a different color:

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