Thursday, April 26, 2012

CHLOE Angie Shoulder Bag

CHLOE Angie Shoulder Bag: A disappointment
Price: $1,995.00
Where to Buy: Neiman Marcus,
Who Carries it: Eliabeth Olsen, Jessica Alba, Rachel Bilson,
Bagopedia's Rating: 1 Bag (Out of 5)
Bagopedia's Comment: Watching Celine gets so much attention, Chloe seems a bit quieter these few years after the hit of the Paddington. Marcie bag is probably the most interesting one after. Chloe has a lot of expectation of this Angie bag and put it one the ad for 2012 SS collection.

The Angie bag is way too busy for my taste. There is zipper after zipper after zipper. The shape of this bag is not very modern. For me, I love a bag that has a large compartment, not many small  ones. I change bags all the time, so I organize my items into small pouches. The smaller compartments just confuse me. The most popular bags now like Birkin, Motorcycle, Luggage totes all have one large compartment. 

Even the shoulder strap can be removed, I am not sure what you need to shoulder strap for if the handles are already designed for shoulder. I know the economy is bad and many companies design bags for multi-purposes. However, more sometimes isn't more. Even the economy is bad, it just makes the customers smarter.

From left: Elizabeth Olsen, Jessica Alba, Rachel Bilson:

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