Friday, April 13, 2012

Roots Canadian Vegetable Tanned Leather Satchel

Roots Canadian Vegetable Tanned Leather Satchel: An Ideal Satchel
Bagopedia's Rating: 5 Bags (Out of 5)
Bagopedia's Comment: After being extremely disappointed with the Cambridge Satchel, Bagopedia has been working hard on finding a similar look, low cost, leather, easy-to-use satchel.

I ordered two Cambridge Satchels- one small and one large. I only used the small one once (Not even bother with the larger one). For the price-per-use it is even great than my HERMES Birkin bags. 

A good friend of mine came visiting me from Canada who brought me this Roots satchel earlier this week. I was immediately in love with it. The strong vegetable tanned leather smell immediately released the fragrance as soon as you un-stringed the dust bag (Yes, it comes with a beautiful dust bag). I just hate some leather goods smell like vinyl or plastic. Smells like a brand new car with leather interior). The leather is thick and nicely tanned with a strong brown hint. The rough stitch gives the satchel a Western cowboy look. Which makes sense with the whole look. The old-school snap closures are much better than the Cambridge which can only use the buckle. The edges and the strap are nicely finish that won't give your shoulder leather dusts. Just like the Cambridge, there is a front pocket which I personally find it helpful. There is no lining to give a rough look inside. However, it comes with a zipper pocket in leather. 

I am not sure the price sold in Canada. However, I called the Roots stores in the US. They told me the bags are extremely limited and only sold in the Canadian stores. I also went on the Roots website and couldn't find the bag. I am sure you can find some sellers selling this bag on eBay.

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