Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Olivia Palermo + Zara Plaited Shopper

Olivia Palermo was spotted out and about in New York City May 08, 2011

Bag: Zara Plaited Shopping

Price: $149.00

Bagopeida's Rating: 3.5 Bags (out of 5)

Bagopeida's Comment: Bagopedia loves handbags so much that I decided to be a critic about handbags. Bagopedia collects handbags from antique to current ones and from free to very expensive ones. Bagopedia loves to see variety of handbags. I am not a believer for only expensive handbags. You can find a bag that suits your style and budgets ad still look fabulous.

I love this Zara bags. The quality of this bag isn't too bad and the price tag is affordable. The design is simple. The color is hot this summer (I do have to figure out why everybody carries a brown bag this year). Nice for toting around the beach, pool, party, and city.

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