Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pre-order- Yves Saint Laurent ChYc Cabas Shopper

Sienna Miller

Kate Winslet

Leighton Meester

Kylie Minogues

Bag: Yves Saint Laurent ChYc Cabas Shopper

Price: $1,995.00

Measurements: W16"xH12"xD8"

Colors: Black, Gray, Tabacco, Red, and Green

Where to order: YSL Boutiques,

Who Carries it: Kylie Minogues, Leighton Meester, Sienna Miller, Kate Winslet,

Bagopedia's Rating: 4 Bags (Out of 5)

Bagopedia's Comment: The hottest bag in Hollywood now accepts pre-orders at YSL boutiques. The bag won't be available until August or September as a fall winter 2011-12 bag and is in a very limited quantity (was told 1000 pieces total in the U. S.). The ChYc collection started as a shoulder bag and has become a very popular collection for YSL. The Cabas shopper is shelled in calfskin and has a Y closure in gold color. The Cabas bag is a structured tote which fits in Bagopedia's territory. Unfortunately Bagopedia wasn't given one but has put down my order for a black one. I am just hoping that I receive it before other people.

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  1. Just got my black. The handles are so short I'm considering returning :(