Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coney Shoulder Bag $889.00 (Original $2,225.00)
Medium Leopard Antigona Tote $1,219.00 (Original $3,055.00)
Small Pandora Messenger $1,409.00 (Original $3,515.00)
Mirte Large Saddle $1,359.00 (Original $3,405.00)

Barney's New York's Givenchy Leopard Sale (Big One)

Calling all Givenchy loves (Including Bagopedia myself): Barney's New York is having a Givenchy Leopard sale. All Givenchy leopard bags are on sale. The discounts are significant. For example, Bagopeida's personal favourite: the Antigona Tote tote has been reduced less than half of the original price. Now getting a GIVENCHY bag is much more affordable.

Now you can carry the similar bag that Khloe and Beyonce carry for less than half the price.

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