Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PRADA Lino Twist Frame Suede Shoulder Bag

PRADA Lino Twist Frame Suede Shoulder Bag

Price $1,950.00

Where to Buy: Saks Fifth Avenue,

Who carries it: Madonna,

Bagopedia's Rating: 3 Bags (Out of 5)

Bagopedia's Comment: Classic bags' humane touches

Who would mix linen, python, lambskin, leather, and suede in a bag and did it well? That will be PRADA. PRADA isn't afraid of taking risks even though, in Bagopedia's mind, failed some.

This bag has an old-fashion style frame with modern touches- the mix-match, The woven strap, the python accent, and the green suede touch. Something Bagopedia has to give PRADA a lot of credits for her considerations. The python pieces in the front of the bag are to protect the linen from staining. The front bottom corners are the most common spots to get stained especially the linen. This bag is expensive but might have a longer life-spend than you think.

See how Madonna carries it:

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