Wednesday, July 4, 2012

FENDI 2Jours Bags

This fall/winter FENDI introduces the 2Jours bags- simple totes with luxury finishes. This huge tote (15" Wide) has a beautiful shape that stands up. The luxurious finishes just tell you how beautiful these bags are. FENDI is famous of its fur and exotic leathers. It is really nice seeing them using the fur and exotic leathers on the bags.

 in Python, $3,280.00

 In Calf Hair, $3,360.00

 In Calf Hair, $3,360.00 

 In Calf, $2,430.00
 in Stingray, $7,050.00

 In Astrakhan, $10,580.00

In Suede, $3,690.00

In Calf, $2,260.00

All Saks Fifth Avenue,

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