Friday, July 27, 2012

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Cosmetics Case

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Cosmetics Case: Think Value

Price: $600.00
Where to Buy: Net-A-Porter,
Bagopedia's Rating: 5 Bags (Out of 5)
Bagopedia's Comment: Bagopedia loves pouches. I travel a lot and carry totes all the time. They are extremely helpful.

I love pouches so much I buy them from dollar stores to the expensive ones. I loves this Nancy Gonzalez crocodile pouch. If you have felt the good crocodile leather, it is really soft and light-weighted. They are actually lighter weight than the cow skin. It makes a lot of sense using crocodile for pouches.

I love the color too. I also love the small scales. The smaller the scale, the more desirable they are. This pouch is expensive. However, it is not if you consider it is a crocodile piece with small scales from a specialist. Plus, you can use it as an evening bag.

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