Thursday, July 21, 2011



Price: $1,195.00

Where to Buy: Holt Renfrew,

Bagopedia's Rating: 4 Bags (Out of 5)

Bagopedia's Comment: Do you believe in permanent designs?

Do you believe some designs can stay in permanently modern? At least Bagopedia believes so. CHANEL 2.55 is something coming to my mind first. It looks better and better every time I see it.

Bagopedia loves this Givenchy Elme tote. It is simple yet edgy. It says everything about Givenchy lately. Bagopedia just can't get enough of Givenchy. The structured tote comes with a lambskin shell and fabric lining. The detachable shoulder strap is helpful but not necessary. The bag stays in shape when you put it loose.

Bagopedia is glad that more colors and materials are coming.

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