Thursday, May 3, 2012

PRADA VS. Lulu Guinness

PRADA VS. Lulu Guinness: Smoking or Not Smoking?

When you walk into a restaurant, the host usually asks you: "Smoking or Not Smoking?" This morning I went through Lulu Guinness site and found this pouch. It immediately reminded me of the PRADA clutch this spring/summer. It is funny to see designers come out of almost the same thing every season. I love to put them together to view them. Of course the price of the PRADA one is way higher than the Lulu one. Is that why people say: "It costs a lot to smoke."?

PRADA: $895.00 Neiman Marcus
Lulu Guinness: $100

The photo below also shows the identical pattern from Prada and Lulu:

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