Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Get it or ignore it? Mischa Barton + Dior

Having just been released from a psych ward, you’d think that Mischa Barton would be trying to sound sane. But you’d be wrong.

The “O.C.” actress was overheard raving about having a stalker while out at a night club in New York City’s West Village over the weekend.

Mischa carries a Dior Granville Handstitched Medium Tote ($2,350.00 Neiman Marcus). I haven't seen celebrities carrying any Dior bags for a while. Maybe it is time to look at them again. This bag looks like the extension of the Lady Dior bag. I like it because I always think Lady Dior is too boxy and formal. This design softens it a bit. I'd love to see it in real. What do you think, get it or ignore it?

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