Monday, September 14, 2009

Vanessa Minnillo + Louis Vuitton Speedy


Vanessa Minnillo didn't waste any time after landing at LAX airport in LA yesterday and took full advantage of the ability to utilize her cell phone! As usual the star looked great in a plaid shirt, trashed jeans and sunglasses and seemed very happy after she had gotten to make all her important phone calls!

Vanessa carries a Louis Vuitton Speedy ($665- 25cm, $690- 30cm, $715- 35 cm, $740- 40 cm, Louis Vuitton). To me, the Speedy bags are just like a pairs of jeans or the little black dress- it is a part of my life. Edited by Audrey Hepburn from the Keepall bags, this iconic Louis Vuitton classic bag will be one of the TOP 3 if I have to live with only 3 bags. The prices are still reasonable. It is light-weighted, multi-purposed, and roomy. You can't get a better value from the money you spend. This is the bag that I always grab if I am in a rush or do not know which bag to carry. It goes with everything and to everywhere. It works every time!

P. S. Vanessa also carries a Louis Vuitton Damier canvas Hampstead bag ($1,310.00). I personally do not find the Monogram and the Damier go together.

Comments: A part of my life

Ratings: 5 Bags (Out of 5)

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