Friday, September 18, 2009

Jennifer Hudson + YSL Muse


Braving the rainy weather, Jennifer Hudson was spotted making her way around New York City on Thursday afternoon (September 17).

With umbrella-toting personnel by her side, the former “American Idol” singer is in the Big Apple as she readies to perform on the newly revamped VH1 Divas show.

Jennifer carries a YSL Muse bag in patent leather ($1,295.00 Celebrities were crazy about this bag for a while. Now it is back to normal. I was not in love with the Muse bag at first sight because I thought the curve on top edge did not look right and the handles look too small for the bag. It was a nice bag to have , but not something to die for. Now after a couple years I think the bag looks dated. My tip of the day is: Don't buy a handbag if you are not in love with it at first sight.

Comments: Nice, but not to die for

Ratings : 2 (Out of 5)