Friday, September 11, 2009

Paris Hilton + FENDI Moncler Spy


Rocking out in some red hot accessories, Paris Hilton was spotted out at Kate Somerville Skin Care in West Hollywood on Wednesday (September 9).

The hotel heiress enjoyed the pampering romp as she recently returned from a jaunt throughout Europe.

Paris Hilton carries a Fendi Moncler Spy bag ($2,100.00 Limited 500, Red, Green, and Black Sold-Out). FENDI paired with Italian Coat maker Moncler to produce this bag in 2007. I reviewed FENDI Spy bag on Jessica Simpson's arm a couple days ago and said the bag is too heavy. I believe it will be much lighter and softer with a Moncler shell. Meanwhile, it also makes the chubby bag even more chubbier. If you are a mid-age woman who think things around your are getting chubbier, this is not a bag for you. I think it will be a nice bag to collect not to carry. It only works for Paris Hilton who looks like a chopstick.

Comments: An eye candy to collect

Ratings: 2 Bag (Out of 5)

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