Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ashley Tisdale + Alexander Wang Studded Bottom Coco Duffle


She’s always doing whatever she can to look her best, and yesterday (September 16) Ashley Tisdale was spotted at a fitness center.

The “High School Musical” hottie looked fit and fine as she made her exit from the Equinox Gym in West Hollywood to find a few shutterbugs waiting in the distance.

Ashley carries an Alexander Wang Studded Bottom Coco Duffle ($850.00 Barneys New York). The bag doesn't look very interesting itself and the leather is not the best leather you can find, but this bag ROCKS! I actually have watched this bag for a while before I purchased it. I don't like to buy things that only look good for two minutes. Even though I love bags with current design and colors, I still need to watch my wallet. I have learned a way to make purchases. When I see a bag, I put them into 3 groups- YES LIST, NO LIST, and WATCHING LIST.

YES LIST means you purchase it immediately.

NO LIST means you won't purchase it.

WATCH LIST means you haven't decided it yet, but will watch it for a while

I do find this strategy works very well. I am glad there are not many bags now I need to put on my YES LIST. WATCH LIST works well because some bags look good at first sight, but won't look good at the second visit.

Every time I go shopping, I go visit my "Watching List" bags. It is interesting that some bags you just lose interests after visiting them a couple times. This bag actually went more toward my YES LIST time after time. I am happy that I own it now. The bottom rocks.

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