Friday, September 4, 2009

Salma Hayek + YSL Downtown


When it comes to dining out, Salma Hayek wants the best seat at the restaurant!

The actress reportedly threw a fit at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont hotel on Wednesday because she wanted to eat at the restaurant, but didn’t have a reservation and she could not be seated - then going a little crazy.

Salma carries a Yves Saint Laurent Downtown bag in black crocodile ($1595.00 for patent leather +). I was not in love with it the first sight. Many years later after seeing many celebrities carrying them, it still doesn't make more want to own it. Every time I saw photos that people carrying this bag I saw the bag carries the person. I am not a big fan on that. Bags are your accessories, not your boss. To me, this bag is too strong in structure and design, not an easy bag to work with. It seems to me the bag is getting more attention than its owner.

Comments: A bag that gets more attention than its owner.

Ratings: 1 Bag (Out of 5)

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