Thursday, September 10, 2009

Heidi Klum + Michael Kors Heidi Satchel


Heidi Klum is in her last month of pregnancy and she says its the worst! She says she is huge! At the same time Heidi says she thinks its a miracle that a woman's body can grow a new person inside! Heidi's body also has the miracle ability to go back to supermodel gorgeous after her pregnancies! She famously walked the Victorias Secret runway in 2005 months after giving birth to her son Henry and Heidi is sure she will do it again! She knows that after 4 kids her body won't be exactly the same, but she says she can get close! That means your butt won't be exploding for long Heidi, its almost over!

Heidi carries a Michale Kors Heidi Satchel ($1,295.00 Michale Kors). Michael Kors designed this bag for Heidi Klum. The design itself is acceptable. However, the price tag- $1,295.00 for Michael Kors? I remember Michale Kors was marketing as an "affordable" brand. Even though $1,295.00 is not bad for a leather handbag, you can get a "really good" leather handbag for that price. $1,295.00 you might want to consider a Tod's or Fendi bag which the leather is way more superior, the hardware is more delicate, and made in France or Italy. I totally don't see the value from this bag.

Comments: Not worth it

Ratings: 1 Bag (Out of 5)

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