Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lauren Conrad + CHANEL Classic


Treating herself to some personal pampering, Lauren Conrad was spotted hitting up a skin care salon in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon (September 9).

The “Hills” hottie looked to be having a marvelous time as she made her way past the paparazzi, sporting a brown off-the-shoulder top with slim fit jeans and tan leather boots.

I don't think Lauren only treated herself to a salon. She also treated herself a CHANEL classic Bag (CHANEL boutiques). People are often confused this bag with CHAEL 2.55 bag. This is not a 2.55 because it has a CC logo as a buckle in the front. I person like this bag better than a 2.55 bag because it shows a CHANEL logo, but not too much. It also comes with new colors every year and yet not such a long waiting list like 2.55. There are only black, white, and gray for 2.55. A friend of mine collects every color. She has more than 40 of them- different colors. I am not sure I am crazy about Lauren's color.

This bag is about $2,500.00 (Depending on the leather and the size). The price goes up every year. You can't get better value. You can carry it to your grandmotherhood and pass on to your granddaughter. She will still look like she is on top of fashion. You can even sell it years later at the price you paid. No other bags can do that- only CHANEL.

Comments: A Must-Have for bag fans

Ratings: 5 Bags (Out of 5)

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