Friday, September 11, 2009

Halle Berry + Bulgari Shoulder Bag


Stepping out amidst pregnancy rumors, Halle Berry visited a private home office in Los Angeles, California on Thursday (September 10).

Looking her usual cute self as she strolled past awaiting paparazzi, the “Swordfish” sweetheart was reportedly there keeping healthy with a colon cleansing.

Halle carries a Bulgari Shoulder Bag ($2,100.00 Bulvari) in sand soft water buffalo with gold hardware. The bag looks pretty busy in Hally's arm. It looks like there are many lines go in different directions. They try to design a classic without many details, but it ended up with too much of details. The good things about it is that all the busy stuff is settled by the same color leather, so the bag doesn't look too bad with busy lines and patterns. The leather is extremely soft water buffalo which you can eat it, but I think my life is as happy without getting it.

Comments: Can easily skip it

Ratings: 3 (Out of 5)

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