Monday, September 28, 2009

Maria Sharapova + Cole Haan Maria Frame Clutch


Continuing to find work away from the tennis court, Maria Sharapova attended a press conference at the Peninsula in Tokyo on Friday (September 25).

The blonde beauty happened to be boosting interest in her collection “Maria Sharapova by Cole Haan” as a part of the company’s 2009 Fall Women’s collection.

Maris carries a Cole Haan Maria Frame Convertible Clutch ($278.00 which is Cole Hann's new line designed by Maria. This is a reasonably priced clutch under a fairly good name. I am sure the bag will be successful. It is perfect for a lady who need a clutch on a budget. I also love the size which can be used as a day bag. I have been seeing celebrities carrying clutches during day time and look amazing. Since I am not a fan of cross-body bag, the large clutch might make me a new look.

Be honest, this bag doesn't have that "excitement" or "Sparkle" for me. It is a safe bag without that "something special", so I think I will skip this bag. Also, the snake look is embossed which is not a real snake. I don't expect a real snake skin bag for $278.00, but I don't like the "look-alike" tone. I think all skins are beautiful and have different texture. They don't need to be pretended to be "Exotic" or embossed to be other skins. If you don't like the snake look either, the bag comes with gold in natural grain leather- same price.

Comments: Safe with a good price tag

Ratings: 2 Bags (Out of 5)

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