Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heidi Montag + Balenciaga Crocodile Weekender

Sunday 2009.08.30

Enjoying a delicious meal together, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were spotted out at a Los Angeles restaurant yesterday afternoon (August 30).

Joined by a guy pal, the “Hills” hotties looked to be in a bit of a tiff as Spencer displayed an angry face and waved his arms around while arguing loudly.

WOW! Heidi carries a midnight blue Balenciaga Weekender in crocodile. This is "The Bag"- a bag lover's dream. I mean, a dream's dream. I will quote it around $23,000 (Balenciaga Special Order Only). I think it is worth it. Don't give a comment yet- let me explain. I have never seen a weekender in crocodile. That is very special. You can see some HERMES Birkin bags in crocodile around or buy on eBay, but this bag you will never see it again. This is one and the only bag. To me this bag way more special than a crocodile Birkin bag. Beside, the scales are pretty small. This is a huge bag. It will need a lot of crocodile skin to cover it. That means they are good quality crocodile skin. Plus, the color is just stunning!

What do you think? This bag or croc Birkin?

Comments: One and the only

Rating: 5 bags (Out of 5) after I win the lotto

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  1. I love both Balenciaga Motorcycle and Hermes Birkin bag...